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 Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Nemo nemo nemo

So I kind of decided that driving down to Disneyland to ride the new Nemo ride would be a good idea. At 4pm on Sunday afternoon. When I was planning on leaving on 8pm to make sure I got the special opening day pin.
After convincing Sam that no, I wasn't completely crazy, I headed up to Davis to get her and start on the adventure.

But there were far too many stories for just a little blog! So I've made a timeline.
Sunday, May 9th:
8:00 pm - Leave SF
9:30 pm - Arrive Davis, eat some cookies
10:00 pm - Leave Davis
(lots of driving)
Monday, May 10th:
4:00 am - Arrive at Disneyland! ^^
4:30 am - Naptime
6:00 am - Wake up
6:30 am - Get in line for the special limited edition Nemo opening day pin!
7:00 am - Get the pin! Super cute ^_^
7:15 am - Back to sleep
1:30 pm - Head over to Disneyland
2:30 pm - Get in line for Nemo
3:30 pm - Line stops moving, because someone 2 people infront of us threw up. A lot. Possibly because they had been eating cheetos all day. However, they escaped from the scene of the crime and continued to wait in line.
3:50 pm - Line continues moving
5:00 pm - Get into the submarine!
5:15 pm - Ride finishes
5:20 pm - Get out of the submarine
7:45 pm - Dinner at curry house ^_^ mmmmmm.
11:00 pm - Sleepytime
Tuesday, May 11th
1:00 am - Wake up to snatch up Ed to bring him up north
2:00 am - More sleepy
6:30 am - Wake up to ride Nemo again!
7:45 am - Back in line
9:30 am - Riding again!
11:00 am - Leaving the park and driving home
Approx. 1:30 pm - See an SF MUNI bus driving along side us o.0
2:30 pm - Stop for pea soup
5:30 pm - Back in Davis
9:00 pm - Back home! ^_^

So, I'm sure that was a bit too tl;dr for most. But that's how jam packed my days off were. Lots of fun! The tons of driving were worth it. All the time with Sam and Ed was great too. So good to relax. =)


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